The HELP Foundation in India

In partnership with Father Godfrey D’Lima and Maharashtra Proadhan Seva Mandal (MPSM), the HELP Foundation provides educational materials to increase literacy.

This project supports the literacy of Adivasi children in India by providing books printed by the HELP Foundation. We are embarking on the next level of teaching by providing 25 laptops and 25 teachers designated to teach children in rural areas. This educational opportunity aims to educate thousands of underserved children in remote areas of India who cannot afford an education.

Laptop Project

Our laptop equipment was connected to a widescreen TV for teachers’
instruction in Gnanmata Sadan Talasari, Palghar Dt., 150km from
Nashik, where teacher reps from 11 mission schools gathered for a one-day instruction presented by our MPSM team on how to involve Adivasi children
with organic farming experiments.
— Fr.Godfrey D’Lima